Great Bases for Walking in Switzerland – KANDERSTEG

Kandersteg from Kander Gorge, Switzerland

Looking back at Kandersteg

Kandersteg, outside the main holiday season, is a relatively peaceful village in the Bernese Oberland.  It is surrounded by an extensive network of walking trails and lifts which provide access to lakes, valleys and gorges, with stunning mountain peaks all around.

Kandersteg church on a misty morning, Switzerland

Kandersteg church on a misty morning

Kandersteg, Switzerland


Kandersteg has plenty of comfortable hotels, restaurants and shops.  From here it is easy to arrange day trips to Thun, Bern, Interlaken or Zermatt.  It therefore makes an ideal base for a short walking break, or for a longer stay.

Getting to Kandersteg

Kandersteg is best reached by train – see Rail Europe to check routes, timetables and purchase tickets online.

A Single Stop for European Rail Travel

From Zurich and Zurich airport there are a few direct trains.  Coming from the south (Geneva or Zermatt), get a train to Brig, and then change to a train that takes you to Kandersteg via the Lotschberg Tunnel.

For a range of travel passes, including multi-country passes, see Interrail.

Where to Stay

Two excellent hotels with great restaurants are the Swiss Quality Hotel Bernerhof  and the Chalet Hotel Adler  (see photos).  For other choices, including hotels, guesthouses and apartments, try using the search box.

Bernerhof Hotel, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Hotel Bernerhof, Kandersteg

Hotel Adler, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Hotel Adler

Walks around Kandersteg

For ideas for walks around Kandersteg I highly recommend Walking Easy in the Swiss and Austrian Alps by Chet Lipton.  This book has some excellent suggestions with easy-to-follow directions, and although a little old, the routes have not changed.

Here are some suggestions:


Oeschinensee is a very beautiful lake which can be reached by gondolas from Kandersteg.

Oeschinensee gondolas, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Oeschinensee gondolas

Oeschinensee gondola, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Oeschinensee gondola

You can wander on trails on either side of the lake or rent a boat, and there is a hotel and restaurant.

Oeschinensee, Kandersteg, Switzerland


Oeschinensee, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Oeschinensee from trail

Hotel and restaurant

The views around the lake are spectacular, even on a dull and misty day.

Path near Oeschinensee, Switzerland

View near lake

Mountains near Oeschinensee, Switzerland

Mountains above Oeschinensee

After spending time at the lake you can follow footpath signs back to Kandersteg, either on the road or on the wanderweg.

Kander Gorge and Waterfalls

From the Sunnbuel cable car base station on the outskirts of Kandersteg, you can walk up through woods to the impressive Kander gorge and waterfalls.

Kander River, Switzerland

Kander River

Kander Gorge, Switzerland

Kander Gorge

Kandersteg from Kander Gorge, Switzerland

Looking back at Kandersteg

It is possible to walk further into the beautiful Gasterntal.  Or if you wish to you can catch the Gasterntal bus to Selden (which must be pre-booked) and walk back through the gorge to Kandersteg from there.


Blausee, the Blue Lake, really is blue!  There is a lovely park and a trout fishery here, and you can have a boat trip on the lake.  There is also a hotel with a good restaurant if you wish to have lunch – see Hotel Blausee.

Blausee, Kandersteg, Switzerland

Blausee – it really is this colour!

To walk to Blausee follow the signs from Kandersteg railway station, following the river.

When you leave the park you can return the same way, or on the Wanderweg Kandergrund by following signs to Kandergrund.    You pick up a trail that takes you into the forest with great views, before descending to the little used Kandergrund Station.  On reaching the station follow a signed, zig-zagged path to Kandergrund bus stop where you can get a bus back to Kandersteg.

These are only a few of the many possibilities for walks around Kandersteg.  There are several other lifts which can be used, as well as buses and trains.  I can’t wait to return!

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