Need a Gift for Someone Who Loves the Outdoors? Here Are Some Great Ideas.

If you know someone who loves walking, nature or just being in the great outdoors, here are some great gift ideas.  There are prices to suit all pockets.

For people who love to travel see my recent post on Travel-Related Gifts.

(Please note that the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links I will receive a small commission.  This is how I fund Self Arranged Journeys, and if you do decide to purchase one of these great gifts your support will be very much appreciated.)

Solar Device Charger

We rely so much on our phones and tablets these days, that it can be a real hassle if they run out of charge.  For someone who spends a lot of time outdoors a solar charger is a great idea. It can even hang on a backpack and be charging a phone as you walk!

The above examples are all available from Amazon, with prices ranging from £23.99 to £49.99 with free UK delivery.  For further details click on the images, and for more options go to Solar chargers.

Personalised Ordnance Survey Map (UK)

Here’s an idea for something completely individual.  You choose the centre point of your map and the scale.  You then add your own map title and your own photo for the cover, and OS produce your map for you.

Prices start at under £20.00, including free UK delivery.  Just click on the ad to be taken to the OS site.

Fleece-Lined Beanie

Just the job when the weather turns chilly.

Beanie 1Beanie 2Beanie 3

These examples are all from OutdoorGear UK, and are available in various colours.  Prices range from around £10.00 to just under £30.00.

Waterproof Phone Case

Perfect for protecting a valuable phone in a deluge – or even when going for a swim!

The example shown is certified waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.  It comes with a detachable lanyard, and has a clear window front and back so you can access the camera and touchscreen without removing the phone.  It will take any phone up to 6 inch diagonal size, and also MP3 players.

It is available from Amazon for £6.99 – click on the image for further information, or see Waterproof Phone Cases for many more examples.

Light or Torch

Not just for night-time use – a decent torch can come in handy for exploring caves or, as I know from experience in Madeira, walking through long tunnels.

The above examples are all from Amazon.  Click on the images for further details, or see Torches for loads more examples, with prices starting from around £3.00.



For a range of functional compasses for outdoor use try OutdoorGear UK.

Their range includes map compasses, orienteering compasses, a wrist compass and thumb compasses. Prices range from £2.95 to £62.25.

Waterproof Notebook

You just never know when you will need to jot something down in the rain!

The above examples are all from Amazon, and are all under £10.00.  Click on the images for further details, or see Outdoor notebooks for more examples.

Cloud Identification Wheel

This handy carry-around device is an aid to identifying over 20 different types of clouds!

Cloud Selector, Cloud Identification Wheel

It is durable and weatherproof, and is available from Stanfords for £8.99 – click on the image for further details.

GPS Device

The ultimate way to make sure you don’t get lost is to carry a personal GPS tracking device.  These show you exactly where you are on a preloaded map, so you can be absolutely confident of which side valley you have just hiked into, or which hamlet you have just cycled through.

Garmin devices have easy to read screens and are tough and waterproof for outdoor use. They come preloaded with TopoActive Western European Maps which are suitable for hiking and cycling, and cover 23 European countries. Extra maps can be purchased and added via microSD cards or downloaded (subscription required).

Garmin 1Garmin 2

The two models above are available from Amazon, with prices between £175 and £185 – click on the images for further information.

Ordnance Survey also have a wide range of GPS devices suitable for walking and cycling. To explore their extensive range, click on the banner below.

 Multi Tool Knife

These have so many uses – from peeling an apple to opening a can to trimming a toe nail.

The examples shown above are all from Amazon, with prices ranging from around £35.00 to £55.00.  Click on the images for further details, or see Multi Tool Knives for many more examples.

Outdoor Photographer of the Year 2016

Inspiration for anyone who likes photographing the great outdoors.

This book features the best entries from the 2016 competition, and is available from Amazon for £15.90 – click on the image for further details.

Trek Umbrella

Ideal for anyone who spends time outdoors, this practical automatic umbrella with a comfortable ergonomic handle is lightweight and designed to prevent wind damage.

Trek Umbrella - Medium

It is available in small (£16.99) or large (£19.99) from Stanfords.


Of course binoculars are great for bird watching.  But they are also great for watching boats go past as you are having a waterside coffee, reading a distant signpost when you are lost on your hike, checking whether an object on a hillside is a deer or just a bush, etc., etc……..  I never like to be without mine.

Wex Photographic have a comprehensive range to suit all pockets – click on their advert above to visit their site.


If you want a gift for someone who likes getting out and about in the UK, membership of the National Trust or the Royal Horticultural Society would be a great choice.  Especially if the recipient of your gift happens to live near one or more properties owned by the societies.

Both societies have fantastic properties to visit with great walks in beautiful gardens and grounds.  The National Trust also do a huge amount of conservation work in some of the UK’s best countryside, so buying membership will help to support this work.

Click on the links above to learn more about membership.

For more gift ideas both societies have excellent online shops with a wide choice of unusual gift ideas – see National Trust shop and RHS shop.

Thermos Flask

Useful for anyone who spends time outdoors, for any reason!

FlaskFlask 3Flask 2

The above examples are all from OutdoorGear UK, and there are more examples online.  Prices range from around £5.00 to around £30.00.

Picnic Blanket with Waterproof Backing

Of course enjoying the great outdoors doesn’t have to involve trekking off into the wilderness.  If your gift recipient enjoys picnics, a blanket with a waterproof backing would be an ideal accessory.

These examples are all available from Amazon and are all under £17.00.  Click on the images, or see Picnic Blankets for more choices.

The Usborne Outdoor Book

Finally here is a great little book that is full of ideas for enjoying the great outdoors.  It costs £6.28 from Amazon – click on the image for further details.

If you still need inspiration check out my post on Travel-Related Gifts for more ideas.


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