Switzerland is a fantastic country for walking holidays.  The alpine scenery is just beautiful, wildlife is abundant, and you can easily get just about anywhere on public transport.

If you are looking for a great base for a walking holiday in Switzerland, try Arolla, Engelberg, Gstaad, KanderstegScuol or Silvaplana.

Here are a few of the things we love most about Switzerland.

1.  Mountain Footpaths

You can see fantastic views like this…..

Stunning pinnacles in the mountains near Engelberg, Switzerland

Pinnacles near Engelberg

And this…..

Mountain view near St Moritz, Switzerland

Mountain view near St Moritz

And this…..

Silvaplanersee, near St Moritz, Switzerland

Lake Silvaplanersee near St Moritz

And this…..

Gspon village above Stalden near Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Gspon mountain village above Stalden

By walking on gentle paths like this…..

Footpath near Engelberg, Switzerland

Footpath near Engelberg

And this…..

Footpath in the Engadine, Switzerland

Footpath in the Engadine

A Single Stop for European Rail Travel

2.  Cable Cars, Gondolas, and Chairlifts

There are high ones…

Gondolas, Switzerland


Low ones…..

Gondolas, Switzerland


Scary ones…..

Corvatsch cable car, Engadine, Switzerland

Corvatsch cable car, Engadine

Open ones…..

Chairlift, summer, Switzerland


Tiny ones…..

Furenalp cable car near Engelberg, Switzerland

Furenalp cable car near Engelberg

It goes right up there!

Furenalp cable car near Engelberg, Switzerland

Furenalp cable car near Engelberg

And ones that take you into the unknown…..

Cables disappearing into the mist, Switzerland

Into the mist

3.  Wildlife

The marmots are really cute

Cute marmots in the Engadine, Switzerland

Two curious marmots

They like carrots!

Cute marmot eating a carrot in the Engadine, Switzerland

A quick snack

The ibex are impressive

Ibex near Britannia Hutte, Switzerland

Ibex near Britannia Hutte

They are at home in rocky terrains

Ibex near Britannia Hutte, Switzerland

Ibex near Britannia Hutte

And so is this adder

Beautiful adder in the Engadine, Switzerland

Beautiful adder

This one’s not so wild

Resting goat, Switzerland

Having a rest

4.  Quirkiness

You just never know what you are going to see next!!!

Tree stump sculpture, Switzerland

Sculpture in tree stump

Unusual carved footpath sign, Switzerland

Bizarre footpath sign

Naked ladies sculpture, Surlej, Switzerland

Looks a bit chilly

Chamois painted on house wall, Scuol, Switzerland

Chamois on house wall, Scuol

Wood sculpture, Switzerland

Wood sculpture

Colourful bird sculpture, Switzerland

So colourful

Of course there are so many other things to love about Switzerland.

  • The trains
  • The wine
  • The mountain restaurants
  • The cheese
  • The hotels

Tell us what you love.

Two horses looking down into a valley, Switzerland

Enjoying the view

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    Love the comments and the pictures from Switzerland – especially all the different flavours of cable cars !

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